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NFL Common Ankle and Foot Injuries

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Another exciting time of the year for NFL fans as the 2018 playoffs have kicked off. There are very few things more beautifully timed than watching a receiver catch the ball in full stride 40 yards downfield with 2 defenders on his back, or watching the tailback patiently sit and wait for his linemen to develop that hole and make that cut and sprint towards the end zone.

However, like all things in life, there are reactions to all actions. The NFL is notorious for injuries that are sustained by players. The NFL and injuries go hand-in-hand and every post game report includes a list of casualties. These injuries can range from mild and nagging pains, to severe and debilitating that can affect all parts of the body.

Statistics show that 15% of all NFL injuries are ankle related, and is the second most common injury suffered by its players. Last weekend was a familiar reminder of these risks NFL athletes face, as LeSean McCoy of the Buffalo Bills rolled his ankle in the 3rd quarter when a couple of defenders fell on top of him.

This got me thinking about what are the most common ankle injuries in this sport? What makes ankle injuries challenging is their much broader range of severity. Players can suffer a minor pull and be back on the gridiron in no time. However, other injuries such as a high ankle sprain, an Achilles tear, a lower leg muscle tear or a broken ankle can sideline a player for the whole season, or worse even end their career. Turf toe is another common injury suffered by these hulking men and there are several instances of them playing through this excruciating pain.

For all the above noted foot and ankle injuries, prompt evaluation is imperative to determine extent of damage to the tissues. This evaluation includes a physical examination by all our Board Certified physicians at Advanced Ankle & Foot – based on the results of this exam, further testing can be ordered including x-rays, MRI etc. We want to help you address your injury as quickly as possible, treat it effectively, and get you back to an active lifestyle as soon as possible.

Since I reside in Arizona, I am a Cardinals fan, and this year was tough given all the injuries to the team and Bruce Arians recent retirement. However, since they didn’t make it, I am going to root for the ???? (we all know it will be the Patriots).

Stay warm football fans!

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