Nguyen is a miracle worker! I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 9. After suffering with it for over 30 years, the deformities in my feet were making it difficult to walk. I had floating bones, callouses, and major deformities, and major pain. It had begun to impede on everyday life and took away activities I enjoy. I was x-rayed before I met Dr. Nguyen. He came in with a plan of action, time frames, concerns we may face, and a whole new level of confidence I had not seen with other doctors. I am 3-months post-surgery playing basketball, going for my first hike next week, and showing off my beautiful feet!! I cannot say all the good things about him and the office here, not enough room! I HIGHLY recommend him and have even stopped strangers to let them know!

~ Amy S.

I was referred to Dr. Nguyen by a family member after having seen several other Podiatrists. His bedside manner is charming and he listens to my concerns making me feel like I have a voice in my treatment plan. I wish I would have found him sooner!

~ Carolann C.

Very professional environment, Dr Prebish was very sweet and gave us all possible treatment options for heel pain. Probably the best female podiatrist in the state.

~ Carol C.

Jessica Prebish is a great Doctor!

~ Susan B.

I have had several foot surgeries from 12/2013 to Aug 2016. Obviously, I trust and respect my surgeon, Dr. Jessica Prebish. Not only would I refer Dr. Prebish, I would also share how efficient & pleasant the staff is at both offices in Gilbert.

~ Patricia D.

Prebish is very professional and helpful.

~ Hillary C.

Prebish has been our podiatrist for as many years as she has been in Gilbert. At first I was nervous about seeing a female doctor for my feet. I am 82 years old & have always had an older man as my doctor. I have diabetes & she took care of my feet very tenderly. She has exceptional skills, friendly & respectful. I have to say her assistant Glen is an asset to her office.

~ Bill G.

Prebish is very professional and helpful.

~ Hillary C.

I have been very impressed with your staff and their customer service…working with me and my claimant’s specific scheduling needs… Dr. Nakra was great in accommodating this also! I want to thank you for taking the additional time to speak with me… Your knowledge and skill in determining the problem will probably make a lifelong difference… Blessings to you and your staff!!

~ Resolution Manager

I have been seeing Dr. Nakra at Ankle and Foot for over 3 years. I have had a total ankle replacement and heel repair; She is AWESOME!.

~R Cappello

When it comes to extensive knowledge and experience on everything ankle and foot Dr Aprajita Nakra is the person to go to. She treats you with respect and is wonderful to talk to, always answering all your questions. Surgery as an option is only offered after all other option are exhausted. I had reconstruction surgery on both feet and I’m extremely happy with the results. I highly recommend her for any ankle or foot problems.

~Tracey Fejt

I was referred to Dr. Nakra about 13 or 14 years ago by my General Practitioner, who was a patient of Dr. Nakra’s. He was so pleased with her. I went to see her and loved her instantly. Over the last 14 years she has been taken care of my foot needs and it is a lot because I have been a barber for about 40 years. A very rewarding profession but tears up your body mainly your feet. Well many surgeries later she recommended ankle replacement of which I have had. She knows what she is talking about. She is the so knowledgeable and is so skilled and the most caring Dr. I have ever had. She gives me the kind of care she would give her own mom. The last couple of surgeries she has given me, have been extremely complex and her surgical team is state of the art in what they do. If it were not for Dr. Nakra I probably would not be walking. She is totally on her element. I thank her from the bottom of my heart. I am so thankful that God brought her into my life. She is not only a great Doctor but a wonderful friend. I will never find another Doctor like her, she is awesome. What she does for her patients is incredible.

~ Shirley H.

I shattered my foot at the age of 13 and I underwent reconstructive foot surgery with Dr Nakra. I have not had any problems since, in fact I just won a silver medal in the Olympics. I’d say my foot works pretty darn good.

~ Sam Dorman- 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist

I went to Dr. Nakra for a MTP joint fusion after my bunionectomy surgery (by another podiatrist) “failed”. Her referral post-surgery to physical therapy was also highly successful. She is truly an expert in her field of practice. I would highly recommend her to anyone. I truly wish there was a Dr. Nakra in every city. I honestly feel I can walk again because of her.

~ Irene L.

Several years ago I realized there was something wrong with my son’s legs. They did not line up directly over the foot as they should. They appeared to sit directly over his ankle. This caused him to stand awkwardly and his knees would knock. He’s rather thin and so it was very obvious that something was just not right. I was told by his pediatrician that he would need to see a podiatrist or foot specialist. They gave me a list of Dr.’s that other patients had recommended. I myself had had foot surgery in 2011 and the Dr. was very nice and I felt that he had done a good job on my feet. I wondered if he also saw children. I was told that he did. During this time I attended a medical coding conference. It was at this 2012 conference that I had the privilege of hearing and meeting Dr. Aprajita Nakra speak on foot and ankle surgery. I knew then that I wanted her to see my son. Her extensive knowledge and attitude were just what we needed. She had high ethics and was uninterested on performing surgery on people who were not good candidates. This is a wonderful thing to find in a Dr. and Surgeon. After the conference I meet Dr. Nakra and confirmed that she did indeed also take children. The next month my son had his first consultation with Dr. Nakra. She was able to confirm that my son was severely flat footed. She had him fitted with orthotics to see if this might help. Dr. Nakra assured us that we didn’t have to rush into surgery. He did not yet have pain or any discomfort. However as he grew and put on weight he would inevitably have problems. My husband and I discussed the issues. We did not want our son to go through life with back, leg or foot problems. We decided he should have foot surgery sooner than later, to correct the issues while he was still young. Children mend faster and easier than adults do. We also wanted to take care of this while we were still able to afford it. Our son had his first foot operation January 8th 2015, the second one was May 5th, and his last on December 29th 2015 that same year. It was a tough year for our son he started the process as a 6th grader and ended it a 7th grader, first year of Jr High…. but he made it! J We are very proud of all his accomplishments. We are so thankful and grateful to have found the perfect Dr. to help our son. My husband and I want to thank Dr. Nakra for her caring manner and expertise. She is truly the BEST at her profession. We would highly recommend her to anyone needing a foot or ankle specialist/surgeon. Thank you.

~ Mrs. Heidi Wisdom

Due to my extensive ankle issues, every doctor I visited wanted to break my ankle and insert cadaver tissue, which would result in half a year of downtime and extensive rehabilitation. However, when I saw Dr. Nakra, she wanted to scope the joint first to see, first-hand, what was in there. Well, amazingly, she found some cartilage in there so she ended up scraping out the scar tissue and removing the bone spurs. That was 12 years ago. Since then, I became a competitive bicycle racer and swimmer for about 8 years thereafter, suffering no issues on the bike or pool (running is out of the question, however, due to the pounding). Dr. Nakra told me then that I'd have to come back eventually and get new scar tissue removed and it may be about that time. Even so, I'm still riding my bike, swimming and have even taken up roller-blading and skateboarding. I'm so thankful that I kept 'interviewing' doctors until I found her. If I had gone with anybody else, I'd be having all sorts of problems from having cadaver tissue in my ankle or an ankle replacement - neither of which was needed. As it stands, my ankle is 100% mine and still quite functional.

~ Patrick R., Competitive Bicycle Racer and Swimmer