Tinea Pedis (athlete’s Foot)

Athlete’s foot, also known as tinea pedis, is a fungal skin infection. Unlike its common name might imply, however, both athletes and non-athletes alike can experience this condition.

Home treatment with over-the-counter medications can sometimes be enough to take care of this itchy, painful problem. But if you have a case that is proving stubborn, especially painful, or problematic in any other way, Advanced Ankle & Foot is more than happy to help you find the relief you need.

What Are the Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot?

A case of athlete’s foot will typically start between or around the toes, but can also be found throughout the foot and even on other parts of your body. The infection can easily spread by touch, especially to your hands, so try to avoid direct contact with any athlete’s foot as best as possible and wash your hands thoroughly immediately if you do.

Symptoms that are common to a typical case of athlete’s foot include:

  • A reddish, sometimes scaly rash on the skin
  • Itchiness, often at its worst just after taking off your shoes and socks
  • A burning, stinging sensation

Certain severe cases of athlete’s foot might be accompanied by blisters or sores. These symptoms are not common but are always worth seeking professional care of if you have them.

Another type of athlete’s foot is often referred to as the “moccasin” variety, due to the way it causes dryness and scaling along the bottom and sides of the feet. This form of athlete’s foot tends to cause less bothersome symptoms but also be longer lasting, increasing the risk of spread.

When to See Us for Athlete’s Foot Treatment

You never have to hesitate contacting us for any foot or ankle condition you have, no matter how mild it might first seem. That includes any cases of athlete’s foot.

That said, we understand that you might want to try treating a mild case at home first. That’s perfectly fine. However, we do recommend seeking the help of a podiatrist in the following cases:

  • Your athlete’s foot has not resolved or shown significant improvement after 2 weeks of home care
  • Pain is severe or affecting your day-to-day functions
  • You have diabetes, poor circulation, or other conditions that increase your risk of complications and infections
  • Athlete’s foot keeps returning despite your best efforts to prevent it
woman reacting to athletes foot

Expert Treatment and Prevention of Athlete’s Foot

If your case of athlete’s foot has not been responding to over-the-counter medications, we may need to take a closer look at your condition. You might require a stronger prescription medication. These come in the form of topical medications like those at the pharmacy, but we might prescribe an oral anti-fungal medication in severe cases.

If athlete’s foot regularly returns, we may need to examine your medical history and habits more closely. Something may be present that increases your risk of contracting the fungus.

Athlete’s foot prevention is always a much better time than athlete’s foot treatment. Simple steps that can effectively reduce your risk include:

  • Never sharing your socks, shoes, or other footwear with anyone.
  • Keeping your feet covered with water shoes, shower shoes, or sandals in any high-traffic areas where fungus can thrive, such as public showers and locker rooms.
  • Drying your feet well after showering and swimming, being especially mindful of keeping moisture out from between your toes.
  • Changing out of wet socks and shoes as soon as you can, including socks soaked from sweat.
  • Giving shoes at least 24 hours of time to air dry before wearing them again.

We can help you determine additional steps you can take that may be more specific to your situation.

Find the Skin and Nail Care You Need

Healthy skin and nails are more than superficial. Your comfort and wide-ranging health can also depend on what’s happening at foot level.

If you have athlete’s foot, fungal toenails, plantar warts, or other conditions that aren’t responding to home care, we can help. Schedule an appointment with Advanced Ankle & Foot by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form