Why Diabetic Foot Care Should Always Start Now

Jan 11, 2024

Living with diabetes requires a proactive approach to health, and one often overlooked aspect is foot care. The feet are particularly vulnerable for those with diabetes, making proper care essential. In this blog, we’ll delve into the reasons why diabetic foot care should begin immediately and explore effective strategies to maintain healthy feet, covering aspects such as Diabetic Foot Care, Charcot Foot, Wound Care, Peripheral Neuropathy, PadNet Testing, Orthotics, and PSSD Testing.

How Should You Approach Diabetic Foot Care?

Regular Inspections

Begin your diabetic foot care routine with regular inspections, not just for cuts and bruises but also for signs of conditions like Charcot Foot, a serious condition that weakens the bones in the foot. Early detection is crucial for effective management.

Wash and Moisturize

Incorporate wound care into your daily routine by keeping your feet clean and dry. Moisturize to prevent cracking, paying special attention to any areas prone to calluses or dryness associated with Peripheral Neuropathy.

Proper Nail Care

Diabetic Foot Care includes meticulous nail care. Trim your toenails carefully to avoid complications, and if you struggle with this task, seek assistance from our experienced podiatrists. Choose the Right


Selecting appropriate footwear is a cornerstone of diabetic foot care. Shoes that provide support and protection are crucial in preventing complications. Our podiatrists can recommend suitable options tailored to your needs. They can also provide guidance on Orthotics for proper foot support.

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How to Care for Diabetic Feet

Regular Check-ups

Prioritize routine check-ups with our seasoned team and let us set your mind at ease. Our team can conduct PadNet Testing to assess blood flow, an essential component in managing diabetes-related foot issues.

Control Blood Sugar Levels

Maintain optimal blood sugar levels through a well-managed diabetes care plan, including diet, exercise, and medication. Consistent control is crucial for preventing complications and mitigating the effects of Peripheral Neuropathy.

Quit Smoking

Smoking worsens peripheral circulation, increasing the risk of complications. Quitting smoking is a vital step toward improving blood flow and overall foot health.

Stay Active

Exercise not only aids in blood sugar control but also promotes overall vascular health. Consult with your healthcare team for personalized advice on staying active with diabetes.

How to Prevent Future Problems

Manage Neuropathy

Diabetic Foot Care extends to managing Peripheral Neuropathy. Work closely with our skilled podiatrists to address symptoms and prevent potential complications, incorporating strategies like specialized footwear and orthotic inserts.

Monitor Blood Flow

Regular PadNet Testing helps monitor blood flow in your feet, allowing for early intervention if circulation issues arise. It’s a proactive measure to prevent complications associated with poor blood flow.

Educate Yourself

Understand the importance of education in diabetic foot care. Learn about conditions like Charcot Foot and how to recognize potential issues early on, empowering yourself to take swift action.

How We Can Help

Foot Care Products

Explore a range of diabetic foot care products, including orthotic inserts designed to provide additional comfort and support.

Podiatric Services

Schedule regular appointments with our office for professional diabetic foot care, including wound care and nail management. Our skilled podiatrists can also conduct PSSD Testing to assess sensory perception and detect potential issues.

Educational Resources

Access resources that provide in-depth information on diabetic foot care, including preventive measures and the latest advancements. Stay informed about available tools and techniques for maintaining optimal foot health.

Diabetic foot care involves a comprehensive approach that encompasses various aspects, including Charcot Foot, Wound Care, Peripheral Neuropathy, PadNet Testing, Orthotics, and PSSD Testing. By taking proactive steps now, individuals with diabetes can significantly reduce the risk of complications and ensure a healthier, more active future. Start prioritizing your diabetic foot care today for a path toward resilient foot health.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like more information, please contact our office and schedule an appointment. Let us empower you to live your best life, starting with your feet!