Diabetic Foot Care

The best care plan for any aspect of diabetes is taking a proactive approach to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Diabetic foot care is no different.

While our office can and does help patients who need treatment for diabetic wounds and other diabetes-related foot complications, we prefer that patients never have to go through these problems at all. That is why preventative diabetic foot care is such a crucial element of any diabetes management plan.

Our practice is uniquely positioned to help diabetic patients take care of their feet from day one, and we can stick with you each step of the way to help safeguard your comfort and mobility for years to come.

Why is Diabetes Dangerous for Your Feet?

The feet are in a particularly vulnerable position to the negative effects of diabetes, especially when it comes to circulatory and nerve health.

Healthy blood flow is essential for the function of our cells, including for tasks such as repairs. As the effects of diabetes gradually interfere with circulation, the feet tend to experience the ill effects first. This can lead to a slow deterioration in functions over time, including the important task of healing injuries and wounds quickly, as well as fighting infections.

Another potential consequence of diabetes is poor nerve health. As nerves become more and more damaged in the feet, the ability to sense injuries decreases. Eventually, sensation in the feet can be totally lost.

The combination of impeded healing and lack of sensation can lead to wounds developing on the feet without a patient realizing that they’re there. That opens the door for even small cuts to turn into deep, open ulcers with a high risk of infection. The consequences can be devastating.


How We Can Help

Even if your feet currently feel great – and we hope they do! – it still remains very important to begin preventative diabetic foot care now. Doing so will not only reduce your risk of developing serious complications, but will also help you swiftly identify and address any emerging problems that do occur.

A key element of diabetic foot care is keeping track of circulatory health in the feet. We are able to do so by offering testing in our offices. We are able to test for the effects of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and other diabetes-related complications, and can take action to address them as early as possible.

In addition to testing here, we very highly recommend conducting daily self-inspections of your feet at home. This means committing a few moments every day to inspect your feet for any signs of injury, infection, or other trouble. If you see anything out of the ordinary, you can let us know and we can advise you on whether to just keep an eye on things for now or come in for a close look and/or treatment.

Depending on each patient’s needs, lifestyle, and goals, we may recommend certain treatments or actions for preventative care, such as:

  • The use of diabetic footwear, specially designed to reduce the risk of “hot spots” that can cause sores and calluses on the feet.
  • Custom orthotics to redistribute weight away from particularly vulnerable areas.
  • Changes to activity routines to increase foot safety while still doing what you love.
  • General advice on how to keep your feet safer and more protected.

If wounds or other complications do develop that require attention, we are able to provide care and treatment promptly and effectively. We can help keep wounds from becoming infected through proper debridement and care, as well as use regenerative medicine techniques to help wounds and injuries heal faster.

Diabetic Foot Care Starts Now

The effects of diabetes can be like swimming in a slow current. If you don’t pay attention, you may find yourself farther downstream than you ever expected to be.

If you would like to consult with us about a diabetic foot care plan, or have any questions or concerns whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to call us at (480) 962-4281. We are happy to help.