Fast and Effective Treatment for Sports Injuries

We love to see active patients. From seasoned pros to people who may have only recently taken up running, hiking, soccer, or just more exercise for personal health reasons, our commitment is to make sure you keep moving!

Sports injuries, unfortunately, can happen to any of us. A sudden painful problem like Achilles tendinitis, stress fractures, or an ankle sprain can grind you to a halt, keeping you from what you love to do.

Our doctors are here to provide prompt and effective sports injury treatments to get our patients back in action as quickly and safely as possible. And even better, we also provide preventative care and advice to help reduce your chances of a sports injury slowing you down in the future!

Types of Sports Injuries

In general, a sports injury in the foot or ankle tends to occur when one or more structures are forced to take on more strain than they may be conditioned to take. Generally, these injuries happen in one of two ways:

  • Acute injuries. A sudden, high-impact force causes an immediate injury. Sprains and fractures, for example, typically belong to this category.
  • Overuse injuries. You overload yourself either by taking on sudden bursts of activity beyond your usual or normal intensity, or through the accumulation of repetitive stress and impacts without proper time for rest. Stress fractures and Achilles tendinitis, for example, tend to occur this way.

Sometimes a sports injury is unavoidable, but many can be attributed to activity demands that just push your body “too hard, too fast.” 

Other elements that can contribute to sports injury risk factors include abnormalities in foot structure and unsupportive or improper shoes for your activities. Both of these factors can lead to increased strain in certain areas of the foot or ankle, with increased potential for pain in the legs, knees, hips, or lower back as well.

a woman stopping her ru because her ankle is in pain

Expert Treatment for Sports Injuries

The goals of our sports injury treatment plans will always be to help you recover as quickly and effectively as possible – without the risk of further damage – and educating you about preventative care.

We understand how our patients feel about wanting to maintain active lifestyles. However, trying to push through a sports injury without proper rest and treatment is only going to significantly increase the chances that the problem will continue and become worse over time.

So, yes, rest may be strongly recommended. But that doesn’t mean you have to be fully out of commission. As part of your treatment plan, we can help you organize a lower-impact exercise regimen that keeps you moving while on your road to recovery.

We will take the time to fully evaluate your condition, we offer in-house digital x-rays to help quickly see the full extent of your injury, and discuss with you the factors that may have contributed to it. Once we have a firm understanding of your unique situation, we can recommend a plan focused on sound recovery and preventing future injuries.

Parts of a plan might include, but not be limited to:

  • Recommended changes to activity levels or approaches to activities.
  • Switching to more appropriate footwear.
  • The use of custom orthotics to redistribute excess forces away from vulnerable areas.
  • Regenerative therapies to accelerate recovery.
  • Stretches or exercises to directly condition and strengthen vulnerable areas.

In rare situations, surgery might be necessary to repair or provide relief from a condition that does not respond to more conservative treatments.

We’ll Keep You on Track

Never try to push through a persistent sports injury on your own, even if it’s just causing minor heel pain. If you experience any foot or ankle problems that don’t improve or go away after a couple days, you should reach out to us. The sooner a problem is diagnosed and treated effectively, the sooner it will stop being an obstacle to your fun and goals.

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