Comprehensive and Compassionate Children’s Foot Care

Children may have much newer feet than you or I, but that does not mean they are free from potential foot and ankle trouble – including many conditions that are common in adults!

Our doctors have extensive experience treating children’s feet. We work with kids and their families all the time to provide caring evaluations and treatments. We know how important swift relief and peace of mind is for both children and parents alike.

We will focus on two broad categories on this page: developmental concerns and common conditions. However, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any foot or ankle issue your child has. We’ll be happy to help!

Developmental Concerns

We are not born with our foot and ankle structures as fully established as they will be when we’re adults. It takes time for children to grow and develop – with structure becoming more rigid around age 5 or 6 – and it is not uncommon to see certain abnormalities as your child grows.

Common abnormalities seen during development include:

  • Flexible Flatfoot – The arches of your child’s feet disappear while they stand, but reappear when they sit or rise onto their toes.
  • In-toeing or Out-toeing – Walking with the front of the foot curved or pointed inward or outward instead of straight ahead.
  • Toe Walking – Your child favors standing on their tip-toes while walking.

The good news with conditions such as those above is that they frequently go away on their own as your child further develops. That said, such abnormalities should not be ignored. If these problems are still present as your child’s foot becomes more rigid, they can cause difficulties. 

We can keep track of your child’s development to ensure concerns such as these do not become problematic. And if we feel action needs to be taken, we can do so early on and ensure the condition interferes as little as possible with normal, healthy development.

We also help children and parents with congenital defects that often require attention right away, such as clubfoot.

close up of a baby's feet

Other Common Pediatric Foot Problems

Children also experience many of the same common foot and ankle problems that adults do. In some cases, they may be even more likely to have them!

Common foot and ankle conditions we treat in children include:

  • Ingrown Toenails – Often the result of feet growing too quickly for shoes to keep up and becoming scrunched together.
  • Plantar Warts – A stubborn viral infection of the skin.
  • Sports Injuries From overuse and sudden impact injuries.
  • Heel Pain From various causes including Sever’s disease, a condition particular to adolescents.

But regardless of what a problem may be, our doctors are here to help in a friendly and understanding way.

Helping Young Feet Find a Bright Future

Your children’s feet are the foundation on which they’ll move toward their dreams and goals. Making sure your child’s mobility and comfort are cared for is always a wise investment.

Please call us at (480) 962-4281 to schedule an appointment for your child whenever you may need us. If you prefer to reach us electronically, please feel free to use our online contact form to do so.