About Aprajita Nakra, DPM FACFAS

About Aprajita Nakra, DPM FACFAS

We would like to honor and remember our founder, our colleague, our friend Dr. Aprajita Nakra. 

In 2000 Dr Nakra arrived in Arizona excited to practice podiatry and serve her community to the best of her abilities.  

In doing so she was a trailblazer and passionate advocate for women in the medical field.  She believed women could be strong leaders and upwardly successful in any career path with hard work and determination.  She truly exemplified these principals and raised the standards and expectations for future medical professionals.

Dr Nakra enjoyed teaching and mentoring podiatry students, residents and practicing podiatrists across the country. She served many years as a faculty member at the surgical residency program with the Maricopa Medical Center, Midwestern University Arizona School of Podiatric Medicine and at the internationally renowned “Podiatry Institute”. No surprise Dr. Nakra earned the Best Preceptor Award from Midwestern College of Podiatric Medicine-Class of 2014.  

Dr Nakra was very dedicated to her professional community sitting on Medical Executive Committees of various local hospitals, surgery centers and being involved with clinical and research studies.  But she didn’t stop there.  She was heavily involved with public speaking and traveled the country participating in lecture series and seminars.  She was always eager to share her knowledge and expertise.  Dr. Nakra even went so far as to be named an editor of a renowned podiatry textbook “McGlamry’s Comprehensive Textbook of Foot and Ankle Surgery, 4th edition.”  

Dr. Nakra was quite the world traveler and shared her knowledge and skills by taking part in medical missions to Central America, South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Her true home was Arizona and treating many patients over the years that became like family to her.

In 2004, Dr. Nakra founded Advanced Ankle and Foot in Gilbert, Arizona.  Her medical philosophy was to help individuals regain mobility, reduce pain, and have a good quality of life.  And so, she worked tirelessly to give the best care and advice she could to all her patients over the next 15 years.  Dr. Nakra never waivered and gave all she touched her very best.  In (2011), Dr. Nakra met Dr. Vu Nguyen, brought him on to Advanced Ankle and Foot and mentored him to be an exceptional podiatrist.  Then in 2012, Dr. Jessica Prebish joined the practice. Dr. Nakra took Dr. Prebish under her wings and helped empower her to being one of the top female podiatrists in Arizona. The three of them were a strong team that put patient care first.  Over the years the Advanced Ankle and Foot family bond strengthened.  So, when tragedy struck and Dr Nakra passed away on April 30, 2019, Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Prebish were ready to continue the legacy Dr. Nakra started.  

Today and always we will remember our dear friend and colleague, Dr. Nakra.