In-Office Digital X-Rays

If you’ve hurt your foot or ankle badly enough that you need an X-ray, chances are you’re probably not in the mood to do a lot of running around to different appointments.

That’s just one of the reasons why our locations in Gilbert, Queen Creek, and Casa Grande all offer digital imaging right in the office. No need to go to a nearby medical center! X-rays can be taken, and results viewed during your standard appointment – no hassle required.

When Are Digital X-Rays Needed?

Typically, X-rays help us get a closer look at the bones and structure of the foot and ankle.

This does, naturally, give us valuable insight as to whether a fracture has occurred due to a sports injury or other event – and if so, where and how severely the bones in question may be broken.

But confirming or ruling out fractures is not the only reason we might order X-rays. We may also want to get a closer look at how bones are structured in relation to each other. For instance, this can be especially helpful if we want to look more closely at a foot deformity, such as a bunion or hammertoes, and identify any potential complications within.

a doctor going over an x-ray with a patient

Why In-office X-rays Are Better

It’s certainly difficult to beat the convenience of having to just walk down the hall for an X-ray instead of traveling to another building. This is likely the number one reason most patients are grateful we have this diagnostic imaging tool here.

But it’s not the only reason why having your digital X-rays here can save time and trouble.

First, outsourcing your X-rays to another medical center means that we don’t have as much control over the process as we’d prefer. Having X-rays here means we can take them at the most helpful angles for our needs

X-ray technicians are experts at what they do, but may not know the whole story when an imaging test is ordered – nor should they be expected to!

Since we have already taken the time to evaluate you and learn much of the history and facts behind your case, we naturally have a better idea of what we need to look for. By having in-house X-rays, we are able to take better images that will give us the extra information we need to deliver the best care possible.

It might be most helpful to have your foot in a certain position for an X-ray, for example, or to be bearing (or not bearing) weight on your foot while the image is taken. We can make sure to cover all our needs.

Second, having X-rays here means we will be sure to have and keep them for our records.

This might be surprising, but requesting X-rays from a hospital does not always provide us the images themselves. Many times, we will receive a report describing what was found. That can be helpful, but being able to see the actual images can help prevent oversights.

More Convenient and More Comprehensive Care

Our mission will always be to diagnose and treat your foot and ankle needs professionally, thoroughly, and as conveniently as possible whenever we can. That is why we house our own digital X-ray technology in addition to a number of other diagnostic tools.

We invite you to schedule an appointment with us by calling (480) 962-4281 or by filling out our online contact form.